Lords of War (Season 1) (2013)

Editor of Natgeo series LORDS OF WAR for Bray Entertainment.

Viewers of History's `Pawn Stars' will recognize Sean Rich, who has appeared on that reality program numerous times to appraise antique arms and armour. In `Lords of War', Rich gets the spotlight virtually to himself to expound upon his business of tracking down masterpieces of military history and putting them up for auction. Along with a team of appraisers, Rich is challenged in each episode to authenticate items and attach a value to them. It's not always an easy process - sometimes an item so rare comes into view that there is no precedent upon which to base an appraisal. And because the `Lords of War' historians guarantee each weapon they auction is in working condition, the testing process at the shooting range can be both the most exciting and most dangerous part of the job.