Schedule a screening at school and community events.

TIME SIMPLY PASSES screens in theaters, at special events, in schools and for community organizations – anywhere people want to motivate, educate and help to raise awareness about the issues in the film.

There are many options for screening the film. Please contact us at for details so that we can schedule a time that will work best for you.

In our experience, people are eager to purchase DVDs after a screening to share this message with their friends and family! If you would like to sell DVDs please contact us at

This film is an independent production, made through sacrifice, resourcefulness, and with the most bare-bones budget possible, along with modest but meaningful contributions from Freedom Magazine and the Ideastap Innovators Fund.



1. FOR PROFIT SCREENING LICENSE: Host a screening for a group of more than 10 people. Use if charging for ticket/entry and keeping profit. To be used once.

2. CHARITY/FUNDRAISER/HEALTHCARE: Raise money as part of a fundraiser or for charity. Also for those in healthcare raising awareness in their workplaces/hospitals/programs etc. Must be not for profit screening. License to be used once.

3. EDUCATION/LIBRARY LICENSE: For schools, universities and educators.

Additionally, the filmmakers are available to attend your event and conduct a Q&A (or to connect via Skype) to discuss their experience and insights gained in making the film and to offer additional resources to assure your event is a success. 

So connect with us today, and we'll get started helping you entertain, educate and empower your company, group or community. We hope to hear from you soon!