Time Simply Passes (2018)

Time Simply Passes is a feature-length Documentary film about James Joseph Richardson, an African-American orange picker in rural Florida who was wrongfully convicted of poisoning his seven children to death in 1967. He was given the death sentence, and spent 21 years in prison until he was released in 1989 when his conviction was overturned due to miraculous circumstances. Upon his release, he was a National celebrity, and became the face of the Innocence Movement. Once the fanfare subsided, he was penniless and alone in an unfamiliar world, and given no help from the State that robbed him of the majority of his life, while the true killer of his children stayed free. For the past 26 years, he's been trying again and again to receive recompense from the State of Florida. This is his story. It's a film about race, about Florida, about the evolution of small-town justice, about forgotten moments in history, about corrupt police and politicians, and an evaluation of the concept of restorative compensatory justice. The film relies heavily on archival footage, photographs, and documents, and attempts to piece all the elements together to accurately and completely tell a story more than 47 years in the making. The film is currently available digitally via Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Simply-Passes-James-Joseph-Richardson/dp/B078QJLGGL

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival 2016

WINNER - AUDIENCE AWARD - Tallgrass Film Festival 2016

WINNER - Jaipur International Film Festival 2017 - Golden Camel Award for Best Director

WINNER - Docuwest Film Festival 2016 - Best Mid-Length Documentary

WINNER - Full Bloom Film Festival 2015 - Best Feature Documentary

WINNER - Freedom Film Festival 2015 - Best Feature Documentary

WINNER - Tampa Bay Underground Film Festival 2015 - Best Feature Documentary

WINNER - Flagler Film Festival 2016 - Best In Florida

OFFICIAL SELECTION - DOCUTIFF Tirana International Film Festival 2016

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Black Harvest Film Festival 2016

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Festival International du Film black de Montréal 2017

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Under the Mango Tree (2014)

Editor of mid-length documentary film UNDER THE MANGO TREE, directed by Katrina Moore.

In spiritual healing centers called "prayer camps," people with mental disabilities are chained to trees and denied food and water for days at a time, stemming from a widespread belief that mental illness is caused by evil spirits, demons, or witchcraft. An estimated 650,000 people in Ghana suffer from severe mental disorders, but the three psychiatric hospitals in the country lack the resources to provide adequate food and medicine and face challenges with overcrowding. Shekhinah Clinic is one of the few healthcare facilities that welcomes those suffering from mental illness without judgment, mistreatment, or force. The clinic also operates what may be the only meals-on-wheels-style program in the northern city of Tamale, making it a vital source of emergency food. The program feeds over 150 of Tamale's destitute each day, most of whom suffer from mental illness. Shekhinah also provides unconditionally free medical care to anyone who needs it, no questions asked.

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Fossil Thieves (Work in progress)

Description hereFOSSIL THIEVES is a Feature-length Work-In-Progress documentary focusing on the illegal fossil trade and the byzantine patchwork global legal structure that encourages the plundering of the fossil record from collective human memory.